Top 20 Most Popular Dishes Of France

Popular Dishes Of France

Popular Dishes Of France:- France is, without doubt, one of the most beautiful counties in the world. One of the very less known facts about France is that it has no mosquitos because its environment is not suited for them. Besides these fun facts, France has a various number of cities like Paris, Lyon which almost everyone desires to visit once in their lifetime.

But what makes this country a much more desired place to visit is the range of cuisines which it has to offer to its visitors, the specialty of these French foods is that it is made always with fresh materials and very delicious and this is because of use of more butter and creams while making their foods. So, in this article, we will list the twenty most popular dishes of France.


This is a casserole of sorts from France it is made mainly with meats and added beans. However, several other ingredients like celery, onion, white beans, lard, and garlic are added with it. Pork or duck is mainly used for meats. This dish is cooked for a long time so that meats can become soft. This is one of the Popular Dishes Of France.


This is a type of pastry made in France. It is made with several ingredients like eggs, milk, sugar, flour butter, and a pinch of salt. These pastries can have fillings of lemon cream and green tea. Eclairs is a French word that means lightning in English. It is crispy from the outside and soft and sweet from the inside. This dish comes under the Popular Dishes Of France.


This is a dish which can be served as a is made mainly with eggs, butter, flour, lemon, a pinch of baking soda, and sugar. The name of this dish is considered to be given upon the name of the chef who first made it. These dishes are both crunchy as well as soft from their coating to fillings. 

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This is a very popular dish that has its fans across the globe. But this dish has its origin in this country. This is made with raw eggs smashed and mixed with some spices and salt and then fried over a flat pan.

Steak tartare

This is a variety of steak which is made in France. This steak is made generally with beef or horse meat which is chopped and other ingredients like mustard, sauces, eggs, parsley, and various spices are mixed and cooked with it. This steak serves as an appetizer and is generally taken with bread, fries, or toast.


This is a very popular dish from France which is made with beef. To make this dish, the beef is cut and then grilled, and then served with sauce. However other ingredients like eggs, butter, mushrooms, white wine, thyme, oil, and various spices are also used to make this steak.


This is a dish from France which has a lot of varieties. This dish is made with a whole fish usually which has white flesh and that whole fish is taken with lemon juice and some added parsley. To make this dish whole fish is coated with flour and before getting sauteed with some butter.


This is a variety of bread from France which has its fans all over the world. It is made with just a few ingredients like flour, yeast, and salt. It is a very crisp and long type of bread and is generally taken at the time of breakfast.


This is a cake from France which is served as a dessert and it is very popular all over the is made with only a few ingredients like flour, milk, butter, and eggs. It requires a lot of attention while baking. This has several varieties based upon its extra ingredients like onions or crabs and cheese.


This is a type of soup variety from France which is creamy and made with lobster, rice, white wine, vegetables, and butter.


This is a type of pastry from France which is generally made with ingredients like flour, butter, milk, eggs, sugar, and salt. However, this variety of pastries are very famous in this country.


These are a variety of cookie from France which is round and small. This is crunchy on the exterior but soft and chewy from the interior which consists of its fillings.

Magret de canard

This is a meat dish which is generally made with the meat of duck breasts. to make this dish the breasts of the duck are sliced into thin parts and then served after adding soy sauce, honey, black pepper, salt, and some vinegar. This dish is also very much popular in America nowadays.

Confit de canard

This is one of the most popular of various dishes prepared with duck meats. Other added ingredients used with it are shallots, garlic, bay leaves black pepper, thyme, and salt. This dish has to be cooked for a long time up to a full day and night.


This is a very popular dish from France which is made with snails as its main part. Other main ingredients added with snails are butter, garlic, wine, thyme, and parsley. This is generally served on a special plate and a snail fork is used for eating it.


This French dish offers an analogy with simple meatloaves with some other ingredients like carrot, bacon, spices, wine, and several others depending upon the place. The name of this comes from the utensil in which it is made. However, this dish is quite expensive.

Beef bourguignon

This is a dish from France which is made with beef of Charolais de Bourgogne breed of the ox. Since the meats are hard so to soften them a variety of wines is used (burgundy wine) and with this, various other ingredients like vegetables, spices, and oranges are used.

Steak au poivre

It is another of the many varieties of steaks from France which is made with beef. It has other ingredients like shallots butter, wine, cream, spice, and cognac in it. This dish is generally served with salad as a side dish.


This is a type of pie from France which is made with a pastry. This pie is made mainly with other ingredients like eggs, cream, milk, cheese, butter, bacon, mushrooms, and other spices. These are available in many varieties in the French market.


The last in my list of popular dishes from France is a light, chocolaty and creamy variety of sweets. It is made mainly with ingredients like eggs, butter, coffee, lemon, sugar, salt, and dark chocolate. They are available in various flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.

The above names are of 20 Popular Dishes Of France to my knowledge.

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