The Title Race For The English Premier League Tightens Up.

The Title Race For The English Premier League Tightens Up.

The Title Race For The English Premier League Tightens Up. There are so many countries in Europe where people sort of worships football from the core of their hearts. But you must know that a very few of them have the level of intensity that is required to be at the top. And among all of them is the English Premier League which is certainly one of the best of them all. And as we all know that to be on a list of top football competitions in the world you must have quality. So, there is no doubt that this league has quality teams as the last two champions league has been won by the teams from this league. But the quality of this league gets multiplied by multiple times when you think of the players in this competition. And that is what we are going to talk about.

So as we know that every league in the world is in the ending phases and most of them have their winners by now. But when we talk about the English Premier League then it has not yet got its winner by any means. And that is because both the teams that are at the top are just separated by a single point. And you can obviously guess the intensity in every match as both these teams can win the title. So, the thing that you must know is that Manchester City headed by Pep Guardiola is at the top of the table. And the team that is placed in the second position is Liverpool which is headed by one of the best Jurgen Klopp. And Manchester city is currently sitting at the top with 80 while Liverpool at 2nd with 79 points. So anyone of them can win it.

What Is Going On

So, you must know that both of them are currently just one point away from each other. And you must know that both of them have played 33 matches each and have five matches each in their bags. So, both of these teams are in red hot form in this league and looking to lift the trophy. However, both these teams have played the match that they had to play against each other this season. And that is why Manchester city has its destiny in its own hands.

As if they win the remaining then they will win the tournament as easily as that. But Liverpool on the other hand need to win all its remaining matches. And then wish for the city to lose at least one. However, the race for the champions league spots is also up for grabs in this league. And that is because the fourth slot is wide open for three teams or you may say two teams. And those two are Chelsea and Tottenham as they are currently going neck to neck for the fourth position. But there are some outside chances for Manchester United to make it to the champions league.

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