Prashant Kishor Declines The Offer To Join Congress.

Prashant Kishor Declines The Offer To Join Congress.

Prashant Kishor Declines The Offer To Join Congress. This may certainly be one of the news that you may be hearing about in the last 2 days more often than not. And it may also be possible that it came into your notifications at a regular interval of time. So let’s talk about the decision that Prashant Kishor has taken after Congress offered him to join the party. And that they can prepare for the next general elections. So there are reports that say Congress did not agree to give Prashant Kishor a free hand in the matters related to Congress Party. And that is why Prashant Kishor has refused to join the party and he will continue his free services as an election strategist.

According to the report given by the news site NDTV Congress party despite agreeing in to bring Prashant Kishor into the party. As they needed a face and transformational strategy to revive the party for the next general election. They have not agreed to give Prashant Kishor a free hand. And if the reports are to be believed then election strategist Prashant Kishor has said a firm as well as a polite no to the Congress as an answer to the offer that they had given him. And his party has indicated that Congress was not ready for any sweeping change as of now. So you must know that Prashant Kishor was offered a role in the party’s Empowered action group which was set to be making the strategy for the next general election.

What Does It Mean

And Prashant Kishor has declined by making some remarks about the Congress’s need for leadership and collective will to fix deep-rooted structural problems in the party. And according to some of the sources, the party which is around 137 years old was not ready to give a free hand to Prashant Kishor so Prashant Kishor has declined the offer. Also, while making a tweet Prashant Kishor said that I declined the generous offer of Congress to join the party as part of the empowered action group and take the responsibility for the election. And he also said that in my humble opinion more than me the party needs leadership and collective will to fix the deep-rooted structural problems through transformational reforms.

So after discussion with Prashant Kishor Congress president has constituted an empowered action group. And invited him to join the party as the group with defined responsibility. And he has not declined the offer completely. So this is certainly one of the news that many of the parties working with Congress will not like. As Prashant Kishor could have been a great face for the revival of the Indian National Congress. And there was also some resistance in the Congress party itself. And that was about allowing a free hand to a new member of the party. So let us wait and watch the upcoming twists and turns.

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