Best 20 Popular Dishes Of India

Popular Dishes of India

Popular Dishes Of India:– India is a country in which people from different cultures and backgrounds co-exist. But in all this diversity, our love for FOOD is what makes us all so similar. Because of this India has a diversified category of foods or dishes too. Of all the different varieties of cuisines that Indians enjoy, let us have a look at the top twenty famous food items. These all are loved by each and every Indian and you must taste at least once in your lifetime……..


It is a very humble cuisine that originated from the state of Bihar. Litti is a dough ball made of stuffed whole wheat and baked over a coal-burning furnace. It gets baked for a certain time and rolling it over a few times. Chokha is made by mashing up the grilled brinjals or roasted potatoes with some spices all together. It tastes delicious when ghee is applied to the Litti.


It is almost a certain favorite of every Indian. It is made of several ingredients of which rice is main and remaining depends upon the type of biryani you choose. There are various kinds of these present. The rice generally used for making biryani is Basmati rice. It can be veg or non-veg as per the choice. Biryani of Hyderabad in India is the most popular among all.

Gajar ka Halwa

This is one of the most loved dishes as it is sweet in taste and made by grilling carrots. Then we add ghee, sugar, and dry fruits to it. This gets cooked at a moderate temperature for a certain time and it gets ready.


This is a perfect complement for every vegetable in India. This is made of wheat flour fried over a pan having butter all along its face. It also has in it several other ingredients which are some spices mixed with chopped vegetables. It also has a large variety like Lachha, Tava, Tandoori, etc.

Chhole Bhature

It is a type of street food available in almost every Dhaba or restaurant. Chhole is made of chickpea having various spices added to it while cooking. Bhature is made by a dough of maida which is flattened and then put in a boiling oil pan and then taken out when prepared. These are very easy to make.

Chhole Bhature


It originally came from the southern part of the country but now is loved In every corner. Dosa is nothing but a crisp fried rice batter in which various types of vegetables can be used for stuffing. Potatoes, Paneer, and many other vegetables get used. Dosa gets served with sambhar and coconut chutney.


It is one of the varieties of sweets that is present on every vending cart around. Jalebi is considered to be the national sweet. It is made by frying in a boiling oil pan and then dipping into a sugary syrup. Also adding Rabdi to it can take its flavor to its peak.


It is a sweet taken at the end of a meal or gets served as dessert. It is made from Chhena, a form of paneer and semolina dough cooked in sugary syrup together.

Pav Bhaji

Originating from Maharastra it is famous street food. A soft bread roll called pav and a vegetable curry added with it makes the full recipe. This is one of the most Popular Dishes Of India.


It is generally a meat stew with several added spices it is served with chapatti. It can also be made vegetarian by adding other flavors like saffron and other spices.

Butter chicken

For this dish, raw Chicken is marinated for a certain time with yogurt and given a certain mix with several other spices. That makes it one of the most sought-after dishes in the country. The name butter gets from the fact that the butter pack is added at the time of serving.


It is made from gram flour baked out in the form of a cake. It is yellowish and pure Gujarati food. Dhokla comes under the list of most healthy food items.

Palak paneer

This is a greenish creamy dish that is made with spinach leaves, herbs, spices and all added together with paneer. This dish is also very easy to prepare and ranks higher on the list of Popular Dishes Of India.

Dal fry

It is a recipe that is usually prepared with daal, that is pulse (Arhar, Mansoor, Moong). It is usually added with some spices as per the taste requirements.

Shahi paneer

This can be called the love of non-vegetarians. This is one of the most sought out paneer items and is a pure treat to the taste made by soaking up paneer in ghee. Then adding a shahi paste made up of cashews, almonds, cardamom, saffron, etc. After that, we also add to it other spices like chili and all.

Tandoori chicken

This cuisine gets its name from the tandoor clay oven on which it is cooked.  Legs and thighs are the favorite part of any tandoori chicken as it has more meat upon it. It is baked by marinating the pieces with yogurt and lemon juice.


This is a crispy snack that you would get on every street vendor cart. It has mashed-up potatoes added with different spices filled inside a chapatti. It is made triangular in shape before it is put in the kadhai (utensil) filled with boiling oil for deep frying.


Rogan josh

One of the must-eat dishes for all meat lovers. It originally was brought to India by Persians but now is a prominent love for non-vegetarians. It is made by the meat of lambs or young goats cut down into very small pieces and then cooked.


It is a dish from the Leh region but loved across many parts of India. It is a noodle soup combo with some added vegetables in it. Tasted once and you may fall in love with it forever


The lightest of all the Indian foods and by far the easiest for the stomach to digest makes the last of my food list. This is made simply with boiling rice and daal with a flavor of turmeric powder and salt to taste in a pressure cooker. That’s it and it gets ready.

So, here we looked upon only a few food items as it is not possible to enlist all cuisine in a single article so come and enjoy a few of the listed items out of Popular Dishes Of India.


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