Liverpool Beats Manchester United Quite Convincingly.

Liverpool Beats Manchester United Quite Convincingly.

Liverpool Beats Manchester United Quite Convincingly. This Tuesday night that was yesterday there was a clash of two teams in the English Premier League which have almost the contrasting fortunes. And that is because both of the teams that were Manchester United and Liverpool are placed fifth and 2nd on the points table in this season of the English Premier League respectively. But one of the most gigantic and famous clubs Manchester United had to go through a change of managers this season. And that may be one of the reasons why they are currently struggling to maintain their form. As you all know that the last manager of Manchester United was sacked by the team management. And mainly after the poor performance of the team.

And then Team Management decided to appoint Ralph Ragnick as the new interim coach for the Manchester United team. But even after a great amount of speculation that this manager can change the fortunes of Manchester United everything turned out to be a dream. And the dream Club of football Manchester United is still struggling to get back to the winning ways that it did under the great Sir Alex Ferguson. As you may know that Manchester United is currently struggling to maintain its position within the top 4. And if they fail to do so in English Premier League then there is pride at stake. And that means that Manchester United may miss the opportunity to play In the Champions League the next year.

What Is At Stake

And this would be very embarrassing for a club like Manchester United. That was the miss on such a prolific tournament for the football Giants. Whereas Liverpool is looking to complete a quadruple this season and try to win all the four trophies for their fans. So, Liverpool was to face Manchester United, and winning this match meant for them to go on top of the table. And boy did they not do it so convincingly by beating the red devils by a margin of four goals. And in that, the two of them were scored by Mo Salah and the other two by Mane and Diaz. Also, this match was played at the Anfield where its undefeated streak of Liverpool is getting extended.

However, Manchester United was without the services of Cristiano Ronaldo who was on parental leave. But one thing about Manchester United is that their hopes of reaching the Champions League are all but over. However, there can be some chances if all the other odds sit in their favor which seems quite impossible. So, there are talks of the new Manchester United manager in the town and it seems quite prominent. And especially after the dismal performance of the team under the current manager. So, if they lose further games that would be the curtains to the hopes. That is of playing in the next year’s champions league for Manchester united.

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