Indian Workforce Is Not Looking For Jobs Anymore Says The Report.

Indian Workforce Is Not Looking For Jobs Anymore Says The Report.

Indian Workforce Is Not Looking For Jobs Anymore Says The Report. This is certainly not one of the news that is going to please anyone of you at all. And that is because it is about the report that has been given by one of the major sites CMIE. And according to this report, most of the workforce in India which is about 900 million is not looking for jobs anymore. Also, the reason behind this is the frustration that people feel after not finding the right kind of job. And if you talk about gender then especially women in India are exiting the rat race of finding a job. So according to the new site, NDTV India’s job creation problem is not only now a greater threat but it has turned into people not looking for work at all.

And millions of Indians are exiting the labour force partially or entirely.

Because of the frustration that they have to go through after not finding the right kind of job for themselves. Also, this report says that between 2017 and 2022 the overall labour participation rate has dropped from 46% to 40%. And especially among the women, the data on the labour participation rate is much more disturbing. As only 9% of The Eligible population is employed. And recording to the report 21 million women have left or started to leave their job because of the reason stated above. So according to the data, 900 million Indians who have legal working age do not want a job at all. And you will find it very difficult to swallow that this much amount of workforce is equal to the population of the US and Russia combined.

What It Means

However, the report also says that the discouragement among the workers is unlikely to give any dividend to the growth of the country. And this will also leave the Indian society without the qualities that the young population has to offer. However, India will likely remain in a middle-income trap. And that is mainly because of the inequality that the workforce has to face on a daily basis. As we all know that the status of job creation in India is not at the level that a country should have. And most of the population aged 15 to 35 are looking for stable positions in government jobs sectors.

So to keep up the pace with the young generation. And the workforce India needs to create at least 90 million new jobs by 2030. And this report was created by taking several interviews as well as interacting with many youths. Also, what they have to go through in their jobs. And this report also comprises of the youth that has left their jobs because of several reasons like the hours being irregular. So this is certainly one of the news coming out of this report that the Indian government will not like. And they would certainly want this younger workforce to get involved in the working sector.

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