India And Canada On The Verge Of Making A Trade Deal.

India And Canada On The Verge Of Making A Trade Deal.

India And Canada On The Verge Of Making A Trade Deal. There is certainly news of India closing an early harvest trade deal with Canada. But you must know that this deal will be a breakthrough for the relations between India and Canada. As well as economic and trade relationships as well. But the other aspect of this deal is that Canada and India will be the first deliverables towards strengthening the relationship between the two countries. So according to the news agency Hindustan Times, the Indian High Commissioner to Ottawa Ajay Bisaria has expressed his great optimism. And that is a follow-up to the announcement of negotiations towards the early progress trade agreement. And the two sides will discuss this on an accelerated basis and conclude the agreement within a year.

However, it is said that the entering agreement between India and Canada was already decided. And when the Canadian minister for the international trade and export promotion visited New Delhi in India in March. And also in the dialogue that was held for the trade and investment with commerce and industry minister Piyush Goyal and Mary NG had a ministerial dialogue on March 11. So this early progress trade agreement will be a great step toward a comprehensive economic partnership agreement between the countries. However, Indian officers have also given signs that a similar interim deal was signed with Australia this past Saturday and that model could serve as a great scripture for this upcoming deal.

What They Said

However, both the ministers that are Ng and Piyush Goyal have shown signs. And that they are taking small steps towards the accomplishment of this task. And while addressing the members of the Canada India Foundation NG said that we are moving towards achieving this great outcome between these Nations. Also, they said that we both want to get something accomplished as soon as we pass these important early steps. And she also added that it create a great amount of confidence on both sides as we agreed to negotiate on EPTA. And she also added that her goal in this dialogue was to expand the bilateral trade to the fullest of their extent that is possible between these two Nations.

However, this trade deal was being discussed for nearly 4 years now which was currently on hold. But Indian and Canadian negotiators have now Resumed the discussion in July 2021 to make a potential trade pact. However, there are many other discussions that are going to take place between the two Nations. And the results of those negotiations remain to be seen. And Cepa and Fipa are also among the priority in these negotiations. So, we as Indian citizens must wish for this deal to get completed otherwise it would be very tough. And in the coming days, the proper announcement of the result of the negotiations will be declared. And till then let us all be optimistic.

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