Gujarat Titans To Face Rajasthan Royals Today.

Gujarat Titans To Face Rajasthan Royals Today.

Gujarat Titans To Face Rajasthan Royals Today. This is certainly one of the Clashes of the Titans in this Indian Premier League between Rajasthan Royals and Gujarat Titans. However, you must know that both of the teams have made a Dream Start to the tournament and Gujarat has won three of their four matches. Whereas Rajasthan Royals have won 3 out of 4 matches that they have played only. But the thing that is in favor of Rajasthan Royals is the fact that their top batsman Jos Buttler is scoring runs at will. And he is certainly going to play a big part in this tournament for Rajasthan Royals. And as we all know that Rajasthan Royals have already had a very great batting lineup. Also, which they can use to dismantle any kind of bowling attack.

That Rajasthan Royals bowling lineup has also been very good, especially with the likes of Boult in their lineup. However, you must know that Gujarat Titans have also been a team to beat in this Indian Premier League for now at least. And their opening batsman Subhuman Gill has provided a great number of runs at the start. And the rest of the batsmen do follow in the middle overs. Also, the thing that Gujarat Titans captain Hardik Pandya has started bowling and looks so great. And his bowling is making the workload of the team management vary easy. And Hardik Pandya has himself taken the charge of Bowling in the middle overs as well as in the powerplay.

What To Expect

But the fact that this match is being played in D Y Patil stadium is in itself a testimony about how the match will progress. And as we have seen in the previous matches that some of the teams even after scoring more than 200 were not able to defend in this stadium. Whereas both the teams have already played on this ground so they do have a basic idea of how it will behave. But fact that Mumbai Indians, as well as RCB, have not been able to chase on this ground makes the team wonder about their decision to bowl first. However, there is no any chances that dew will play a big role in this match between the two tonight. So it will be very crucial for the team to win the toss on this ground.

And the captain winning the toss has a small margin against the team which loses the toss. So according to the report given by Cricbuzz, it was said that winning the toss. And deciding to bat first would be the motto on this pitch where you certainly place a great role. Also, the fact that both teams have packed a batting lineup makes this match more interesting. And will be very interesting to see how the teams go and how they approach this match in particular. So this match starts at 7:30 Indian Standard Time. And we are always waiting for the teams to provide us with some quality Cricket tonight. Also, ahead of us is the doubleheader which is on Saturday. And in which four of the teams will be battling it out for 2 points and moving up the ladder.

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