Cristiano Ronaldo scored 50th Club Hattrick To Keep Manchester United In The Race.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored 50th Club Hattrick To Keep Manchester United In The Race.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored 50th Club Hattrick To Keep Manchester United In The Race. How many times does a man need to prove that there is nobody parallel to him in the whole universe? That is the question that Cristiano Ronaldo is asking every one of his haters who often doubt his capabilities. As you must have known that this afternoon Manchester United was going to face Norwich City. Mainly in their hunt to be in the top 4 of the English Premier League. So it was Manchester United which was then placed at number 7 and Norwich City which is placed at 20th position. And The Hunt Manchester United had to win this match otherwise their hope to qualify for the Champions League would be all but over.

Also, as the old saying or old people say that when the time is tough you need someone to step up. And raise your hand that I’ll do it. Also, that is what Cristiano Ronaldo did in the match when he scored three goals. And completed his 50th club career hat trick. And you can sense the tension in this match as it was Manchester United which took the two-goal lead at first. Also, both of these goals were scored by the greatest of all time Cristiano Ronaldo. But Norwich City did not throw in the towel and brought the game back by scoring 2 goals. And bringing the scores on the level term. However, as has been the case for many years and an infinite number of times it was Cristiano Ronaldo who had the last say in a match.

What Does It Hold

And that say was an amazing free kick taken by Cristiano Ronaldo which went into the net like a rocket. So with this win, Manchester United move on to the fifth place on the Premier League table. And they are now only 3 points behind the 4th placed Arsenal. And they did not have a great outing against Southampton. Who defeated them by the difference of one Goal. So the hope for Manchester United to reach the Champions League remains and they are still believing so are the fans. But this game also added to the personal accolade of the great Cristiano Ronaldo. And he just keeps on getting better with the passage of his age.

And these are back-to-back hattricks at the Old Trafford stadium which is the home of the Manchester United Club. Also with these goals, he gets into the list of top goal scorers in the English Premier League this year. And there can still be hope for the interim manager Ralph Ragnick to stay at the job. But you must know that he would currently be fully determined to get his team into the UCL. So, let us wait and watch what happens in the upcoming weeks in which Manchester United does have some tough games. When they face Liverpool and Arsenal.

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