Coronavirus News Report Daily

Coronavirus News Report Daily

Coronavirus News Report Daily. There is no greater news of relief currently rather than that the coronavirus cases, as well as the number of fatalities, are reducing. And according to the news agency NDTV, the new cases in India on Wednesday were found to be 1007. And with that, the new number of cases, the total count of active cases has also reached below 13000. Also, according to the news agency NDTV, the daily positivity rate in India was recorded at 0.03 percent. And the cases that were found on Wednesday were among the least in the last two years. But you must know that these rates are bound to change if anyone of you does not follow.

Although, you must know that there is a lot going on in this world and that is why you must take care of yourself. And because of the current crisis in Ukraine, as well as the current new starting of coronavirus being found in some parts of the world has raised concerns. But you must understand that some of the countries have even imposed lockdowns currently in their countries. And one such country is China which is getting more than 13000 cases of new starting daily. But you must know that India has registered their lowest new cases since 18 April 2020. And that is a matter of great relief for everyone concerned about this matter. However, we must be aware of all the facts and figures that are currently going on recently.

What Is Next

According to the news agency NDTV, the total number of confirmed covid cases in India has now reached 43039025. Also, the same site tells that the total number of fatalities that have happened to date is 521736. And on Wednesday the new number of fatalities was recorded at 26 and that has been included in the total tally. And you must know that this war with a corona that started in the year 2020 is still on and going strong. But one thing is for sure the speed of cases that were found on a daily basis has almost vanished. And that is why you may get tempted to drop some of the restrictions that you felt were unnecessary. But believe me that you must not do that till the day when we know that we have won.

What Is Up With The States

This is also not new information with the number of cases decreasing restrictions imposed are being lifted. And in that process, there are many states in India that have returned back to their normal ways. But as we already discussed that there are still threat that we have from corona and its new strains. And that is why it will be our responsibility to keep ourselves protected and away from infection. And we must also pray to God that the violence between those countries does not worsen the situation. Be Safe!

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