20 Best Spanish Dishes For Food Lovers

One of the best spanish Dishes

Best Spanish Dishes:- This is a nation which has to be visited at least once in your lifetime. The cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, and others are places where you can find the true beauty of this country. And yes one of the best football leagues in the world ‘la Liga Santander’ is played here. The beauty of this country also lies in its cuisines which have a wide range. Let us see the most famous twenty food items of Spain.

Paella Valenciana

This is for me the best dish in Spain. This dish is made generally with chicken or even rabbits with a few other added spices and beans. This is then surely added with the main ingredient of this dish which is rice; this rice used to cook this is generally plowed in the eastern coast of this country.


This is a dish which you can easily see being mentioned in various movies or series. This is made with ingredients like potatoes, onion, and eggs. All these are then cooked or say fried slowly in oil and then added with a few spices as per taste.


These are fritters that are made with flour, eggs, sauce, bread, chicken, or mushroom as per the requirement. All this is at first fried in butter béchamel. These dishes can be made in various varieties depending upon the types of ingredients used to make this.


This is a dish which is made generally with squid there are large varieties of this dish available in Spain. The squids are at first sliced and then fried for a certain time till it gets crispy. This dish is in large demand among the people from the coastline mainly. This is one of the Best Spanish Dishes.


You must have somewhere or somehow heard of this dish. This is dish is made mainly with pork. This is one of the dishes which is generally spicy and prepared while adding various spices. This dish is taken with bread usually.


This is a dish that is a nonveg favorite. It is generally made with pork. To make this the meat from the belly is generally used but sometimes it can be taken from the other portions too. This is also present in various varieties.


This one is a dish which has a number of varieties available. It is made mainly with pork with various other added spices like cinnamon, garlic, etc, and vinegar with it. This is generally made in a thin shape but is long.


A very famous variety of wine cocktails, which is made generally by adding various sliced fruits. It has a very dark red appearance which gives it its name. Its name is a Spanish translation for bleeding which makes it much more fun as a cocktail. You will say, this is in the Best Spanish Dishes category.


For a kind mention of a variety of wines, which is made of mainly juicy grapes added with several other ingredients. This wine is one of the go-to wines for any occasion for any Spaniard.


This is a very refreshing soup which is mainly made of tomatoes. These tomatoes are then added with various other spices like garlic oil peppers and a few other vegetables. This soup is generally taken in the summertime and should always be taken with an Iberico ham as the topping.

Patatas bravas

This is a dish which has potatoes as its main ingredient of this delicious cuisine. this potato is then added with several other spices or simply a sauce that already contains all these spices altogether namely Bravas. This one is a must-try dish if you are in Spain.


This is one of the several dishes which can generally be served as the starter as well as the main course. This is made using courgettes, peppers, onion, tomato, and garlic as its main ingredient.  This has a great flavor.


Turron is an item that mainly contains honey and the white part of the eggs as its main ingredient. There can also be a few added ingredients as per particular places. This is in huge demand mainly at the time of festivals or mainly around Christmas.


This is a dish which is made with the use of beef or veal. These are then filled from inside with ham or cheese as per the demand. To add more taste these are generally given with mushrooms, nowadays these dishes are also available this is usually made using fish.


This is a dish that is named after the variety of pig which is used to make this dish that is Jabugo variety pigs. This one is a ham that contains the fatty meats of these pigs which results in a good texture and a great flavor when cooked completely.

Jamon Iberico

This is a type of ham that is produced from the meat of Iberico pigs. It tastes sweet and slightly salty also. These dishes are made in various varieties and a lot depends upon the diet of the living pigs. As it can be dark red meat or simply red meat.

Pollo al ajillo

This is a dish which lies in the heart of each and everyone in Spain. This can be termed as a chicken dish which is mainly made with adding garlic in it. And then fry it in a pan containing olive oil or can be fried separately as per the chef’s choice.


This is again the type of dish which is made with pork meat. This is made in a pork casing this is made with a specially added spice called pimento.


This dish is made mainly with chicken or lamb which is then added with several other spices this dish is summertime special.

Gambas al ajillo

This one is a dish which is very easy to make yet so tasty that if you eat it at any restaurant then you will certainly go back to it. However, it only has prawns added with some fried garlic and chili in a pan. This awesome dish comes under the Best Spanish Dishes.

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